Affiliate Partnership Program


Inspire learners to take action with their credentials.
Become a Parchment Affiliate Partner.

For learners using Parchment’s Affiliate Partners’ services, it’s easy to order their credentials at the point when it can benefit them the most, from our partners’ websites or in their applications. The Affiliate Partner “Order My Transcript” link is simple to install, secure and easy-to-use. When the link is embedded in an Affiliate Partner’s applications, learners can order credentials to apply for college, jobs, grants, study-abroad programs, internships and more.

How the Affiliate Link Works

The “Order My Transcript” link initiates a credential order from partner sites and sends it securely to Parchment, where the order is completed and fulfilled. And just like using Parchment, the credential can be sent to any destination worldwide.

Learn More & Become an Affiliate Partner:

To learn more about the Affiliate Ordering Partner Program and schedule a technical discussion, please complete and submit the form below. Within 24 hours, a member of our Business Development team will respond to schedule a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!