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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA - MIT

Early decision deadline: November 1st, 2014

Regular decision deadline: January 1st, 2015


The application fee is $75. Once you get in, you'll be paying approximately $40,732 for tuition (and $11,234 for room and board) if you don't receive financial aid or tuition assistance.


There are 4,268 full-time undergraduates. The campus is also shared with full-time grad students

Institutional Characteristics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a Private not-for-profit institution
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a member of the following athletic conferences: New England Football Conference,New England Women's & Men's Athletic Conference

Application Requirements

Required Recommended Neither
High school GPA
High school rank
High school record
Letters of recommendation
SAT or ACT scores

0% of applicants submit SAT scores, and submit ACT scores.
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Student Preferences
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