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MIT vs Stanford vs CMU

1 point by bssb12399   6 years ago

Which has the best campus? and which one would you go to and why?



1 point by mufasa077   6 years ago

mit has shitty campus, stanford is beautiful its in Cali-self explanatory , dont kno much (anything) bout CMU.....i pick stanford


1 point by srandhawa1   6 years ago

you gotta visit(although since the chances of getting into MIT and Stanford are soo small, i wouldnt visit until after you get in if thats how it happens), keep in mind unless your talking about electrical eng, computer science or buz, CMU lags waay behind MIT and Stanford. MIT and Stanford are about equal prestige as two top schools in the country, CMU is definitely below that, on par with maybe like Tufts or NYU. CMU is usually the backup school for MIT and Stanford hopefuls. CMU and MIT are similar types of nerdy, techy places, CMU has a rep as being an asocial school, MIT they try to be social and tehy have fun, but its weird MIT fun, you have to decide for yourself whether or not thats your thing. and stanford is seen as the more chill place, but if your on the east coast, going to stanford is a big adjustment, but there is a lot to like about stanford, the sports, the social scene is decent, the location, the academics are great, the campus is huge, this is the dream school for sooooo many ppl, but again, you gotta check it out for yourself.


1 point by neuron95   6 years ago

Stanford all the way. I'm currently in a debate team, and there was a tournament there. The campus is the best! And I've heard that it has the best student-based review on campus life.