K12 Record Management One System to Manage All Student Records.



A simple school record management system for K12 districts and high schools. Manage and fulfill orders for all student and alumni records.


Which Record Types

Manage All Your Academic Records

Our school record management system is designed to collect all record types and organize them in a simple dashboard for you to manage. This will save you time from searching through how the document could have been sent.

Supported Record Types

  • Transcripts
  • Immunization Records
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Enrollment or Academic Verifications
  • Attachments

Supported School Record Types

Who Can Order

School Record Orderers

Available For All Orderers

With our system, current students, alumni or third parties are able to securely setup an account on Parchment.com and request the records they need. This request is sent to your inbox to allow you to easily review and approve the sending of the document. It is that simple!

Supported Orderers

  • Current Students
  • Parents
  • Alumni
  • Third-Parties

How To Order

Easy, Reliable Order Process

Parchment was founded as a leader in eTranscript service and have built an easy to use modern system for users.  We really want to focus on removing the time it takes you to process your orders so you can get back to focusing on other important parts of your job. 

School Record Management Process

Other Benefits

Secure School Record Management

Save time, save money & more!

When you choose Parchment as a partner you get much more than just this great system that is accessible by all and compatible with a variety of record types. You also get a partner who understands FERPA compliance and the need to ensure Learner satisfaction. We have a track record of innovation that you can rely on to make sure records are secure and students are happy.