Parchment Announces New Platform Updates

Parchment, a leading technology company which streamlines the request, delivery and sharing of verified credentials online, announced updates to its Parchment Receive service and integration with American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The platform updates and AMCAS relationship illustrate Parchment’s mission to simplify the credentials and application process for institutions and organizations, so they can place a greater focus on creating opportunities and improving outcomes for the students they serve.

Parchment offers its more than 2,200 active Receive members the most sophisticated features in the market for collecting and processing digital credentials, including a simpler interface and user-friendly tools. In the trailing twelve months Parchment exchanged over 5 million transcripts, which were received by not only education institutions such as Colorado Community College System and SUNY College at Plattsburgh, but employers and licensing organizations such as A-Check America, Inc. and National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Only Parchment provides receiving institutions with the option to use and build filters, route documents to multiple destinations, save and store transcripts and other official credentials in an online library, as well as create and manage folders within.  These features allow admissions offices to easily sort, batch and route eTranscripts from any source, including Naviance, SPEEDE and eTranscript CA, and efficiently manage applications even during the busiest months.  Plus it provides visibility for students who are anxious to understand where their documents are in the application process.

The relationship with AMCAS will allow Parchment to provide medical school applicants with a seamless way to view and submit their applications in a transferrable format that can be digitally transmitted directly to participating medical schools.  The integration allows Parchment Send member institutions to set up “AMCAS Transcripts” as one of the products that students may request.  When selected, Parchment will include the AAMC ID (AN 8-digit numeric ID) and the Transcript ID (a 7-digit numeric ID) as individual fields within the XML that is delivered with the transcript.  This allows AMCAS to seamless identify the application that the transcript is related to—easing the application processing.

“We are constantly working to expand our integrated offerings to meet the needs of our members and we look forward to the continued momentum we’ve generated at the institutional level,” said Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment. “Our relationship with AMCAS speaks to Parchment’s ongoing innovations and expansions to provide institutions and organizations with a more efficient way to manage the digital credentials and applications processes.”

Parchment’s user base has rapidly grown among thousands of the top education and professional institutions and organizations nationwide. Bringing credential exchange online has helped streamline the paper-based process, lessen the time and resources required to send and receive transcripts between students and institutions and helped students achieve their goals quicker than ever before.

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About Parchment 

Parchment is a leading technology company allowing learners, educators and employers to request, verify and share credentials in simple and secure ways. The platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities to exchange more than 12 million transcripts and other credentials globally. Founded in 2003, Parchment Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in Roseville, CA, Denver, CO, Grand Rapids, MI, Toronto, ON and Washington, DC. Follow Parchment on Twitter and Facebook.



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