2015 Parchment Exchange User Conference: Empowering Innovative Connections

2015 Parchment Exchange User Conference: Empowering Innovative Connections


April 11 and 12 marked our third annual Parchment Exchange User Conference! We believe it is so important to gather together as a community to share best practices, learn from each other, and shape the direction that credentials take.

It’s an exciting time in the world of education, and we are encouraged to see so many of Parchment’s members forging the way with credential innovations such as Experiential and Competency Based Transcripts.  As more institutions across the nation seek to better represent the scope of learning by their students, we hope this conference will be the seedbed for discussion and collaboration about how digital credentials can serve this purpose.

Each year, this conference is for you. It’s an opportunity to talk face to face with industry experts and your peers to learn about sweeping trends, cutting edge innovations, as well as small tweaks designed to make your day better.

Two  excellent keynotes opened and the conference:

Scott Jaschik from Inside Higher Ed talked about how his degree in History had very little to do with the real learning he earned in the newsroom, and the emerging  trends to extend and innovate academic credential.

Aneesh Chopra the first CTO to the White House,  closed the conference with an invigorating look into how data is being used at the highest level to empower students and the emerging workforce to make the most of their success.  If you’re worried your institution is too overrun by red-tape to innovate credentials … Aneesh’s talk is for you!

15 break out sessions for Parchment members to share their experiences covered everything from the evolving role of the registrar to increasing college access for low-income students.

It was truly a remarkable gathering of talent, ideas, and collaboration!   Check out the agenda and sessions from this year’s conference. And then Save the Date for next year’s conference in Phoenix!




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