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3 Things to Look for in an eTranscript Platform: Do More

In our last post of our three-part series in how to evaluate a digital transcript service, we talked about the convenience that digital credentials bring to learners, administrators, and others. You want your transcript management system to be fast and easy, but you should also look for a platform that can help you do more. I like to think of it like picking a computer. You want to get one that has fast processing speed and lots of memory because you know that it will be fast and easy for you. But you also want to make sure that it will support the software and types of work that you want to do today and into the future. Just as your computer can make you a superhero, a credential management platform can get you moving forward faster to do all of the things your students, alumni, and campus leadership hope for.

Will Your Credentials Management Platform Help You Do More?

Despite everyone’s efforts to continuously refine and improve your work and the output you’re able to deliver, there comes a point of diminishing returns. To do more, you simply need to get some help. Parchment’s platform offers a suite of services that, given the manpower and other resources, you could certainly do yourself. But in a world of shrinking budgets and staff, an extremely small investment (such as the $2 shipping fee typically covered by the student) will let you offer the expanded services your students expect without the pain points you’re dreading.

Getting Time Back

Most universities have a process for printing and mailing transcripts. This is a well-oiled machine – no one is debating that. The question is, are you making the most of the resources in your office by having staff spend hours each day printing, folding, stuffing, addressing and mailing your paper transcripts? There are tasks that only you can do, and there are tasks that could easily be reassigned. Would your skilled staff be better focused on projects that are underserved or neglected entirely? Most offices that outsource their printing see that they are able to add 1-2 FTE to areas that need it most. Boston University, for example, choose to allocate more attention to Veterans Affairs.

Providing Additional Services

Anytime you order something online, you expect to receive an email with a tracking number telling you when you can expect it to arrive. Implementing this kind of FedEx/USPS package tracking is a fairly complicated and expensive process. Partnering with Parchment lets you take advantage of the greater community need, and get package tracking for all printed diplomas, transcripts and attachments that Parchment prints and sends on your behalf. You’ll see fewer questions and higher satisfaction from your students.

Room to Grow

Whether your goals include digitizing your legacy records (for preservation, or to provide expanded service for digital ordering to alumni) or issuing your credentials like diplomas, certificates, or badges digitally so they can be shared on LinkedIn or directly with employers, you want a partner that can help you move in the directions you want to go.

Stay tuned for the third part in our series. We’re going outside of the Registrar’s Office to learn why you want your credential platform to Connect With The Community.