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3 Things to Look for in an eTranscript Platform: Connection To The Community

For our final installment in our 3 part series on how to evaluate an eTranscript solution, we’ve got to get out of the office.  Having ease and convenience to do the job required of us is crucial. Being able to expand the services and offerings will make it easy to do more by being flexible and forward-thinking as we move into the future. But in our final post, we suggest that looking at the community at-large is a great way to help determine which transcript solution is right for you.

Connected To The Community

There’s an old wives tale about a young man who was asked to break a single stick. He did so easily. When asked to break a bundle of sticks, however, he couldn’t do it. The lesson is that there is strength in numbers. This is true when selecting an eTranscript solution. With more than 8,000 members using Parchment, the answers to your questions are out there, and we’re happy to connect you with the community.

Access to Expertise

Get connected to the people who are making change happen. Learn from their experience and get practical advice on how to move forward. We’re proud that so many of Parchment’s members are innovating credentials. As a collaborative community, get connected to those who are doing the things you’re thinking of. If you need assistance, Parchment offers consulting services that can guide you through developing your comprehensive student record.

Strength of the Network

A single platform that serves credential issuers and receivers only becomes stronger as more members join and participate. As credentials are exchanged, existing relationships between colleges and admissions offices, employers, and other organizations are strengthened. With a network of more than 8,000 senders and receivers, including 300+ government agencies, 900+ employers, and 100s of staffing and background agencies, Parchment is connecting academic organizations to the broader credential community.

Into the World

As it becomes more and more important to work closely with employers, associations, government and other non-academic organizations that collect and evaluate credentials, it’s important to be connected to them and have conduits for communication. Having an insular view on the form and function of academic credentials is out of date. These documents are under scrutiny, and institutions are being held accountable for the skills they are instilling in their graduates. Parchment is actively developing connections with the wider world of industry organizations and policy makers to work through the questions and develop solutions. See some of the work happening through our Parchment Summit on Academic Credential Innovation and other partnerships, to forge paths to help every member join the conversation.

Coming to a Conclusion

We can’t tell you which eTranscript partner is right for you. But Parchment is building a platform that is technically advanced, easy to use, and positioned to help you easily move forward — however you choose to do that. We want to help academic credentials achieve their intended purpose of opening doors for students. And we believe the platform we’re building can help you reach the goals you have.  Learn about the whole platform in this short booklet, and let us know what you’re looking to do!