Ball State University: One Admission Office’s Path to Paperless

Ball State University: One Admission Office’s Path to Paperless

Today, many colleges and universities are on their way to a paperless campus. More and more admissions offices are looking to eTranscripts to help save time, money, and sanity.

When Associate Director of Admissions Brad Hostetler started at Ball State University, he was “floored at how paper intensive we were.” With application documents coming in piecemeal,  “we were constantly pushing papers around and looking for files.”

BSU has gotten their paper problem under control ever since the implementation of Parchment Receive less than a year ago. By automatically initiating and coordinating applications with a unique application ID, BSU is able to have all application documents online.  Two simple scripts fetch and load all eTranscripts delivered to BSU into Banner Data Management System overnight. When the staff arrives at 8AM they are able to review and process high-quality PDF transcripts in a fraction of the time it previously took to receive, scan, and index.  In under a year, BSU has loaded over 25,500 image-quality documents into BDMS and can process incoming transcripts the same day they are sent by students.

Now Hostetler is singing a different tune. “The big thing in our office is the elimination of file cabinets. Everything is online, at our fingertips.”

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