Busiest Day Ever … Until Tomorrow

Busiest Day Ever … Until Tomorrow

Fall is officially here. Pencils are sharpened, pumpkin-everything is in the stores, and Parchment Exchange is busier than ever.

Wow, is it busy!

In fact, yesterday was it’s busiest day in our 10 year history! Previously, on our highest volume day we processed 28,689 documents.  Yesterday, Parchment Send processed 33,880 documents, an 18% increase over last year’s record.  Not to be outdone, Parchment Receive members downloaded 81,800 documents.

October and November are such a busy time for everyone, and we are thrilled to see such a dramatic increase in eTranscript adoption. Year-over-year the number of eTranscript requests double, which means twice as many credentials are being sent, received, or processed with increased efficiency and speed for everyone involved.  We are right in the middle of the peak period for transcript exchange as students push to submit college applications. And as you know, when it’s busy, it’s very very busy.

For Parchment, peak days can have 300 – 400 million queries on our database and 2,500 logins per hour.

This is a very significant load on our servers, so we are pleased that they are holding up pretty well. However we’ve noticed that the morning hours are quite a bit busier than the afternoon. If you’re experiencing slowness on the system in the morning, and you have the flexibility to adjust your access hours,  we recommend using the system when things are a little slower:  between 12-2PM EDT and after 5PM EDT. 

This week has traditionally been the peak week of the season, so we expect to continue to see record busy days for the rest of this week, and into next. Thank you for your patience, and know that  the whole Parchment Team is here to help you. We’re working around the clock to monitor and adjust our system performance and provide support for you and your students during this hectic application season.

If you have questions, concerns, or just need a hand with something please reach out to your Account Executive, or support.parchment.com. We’re here to help!


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