Connecticut Community Colleges Save Money with Parchment

Connecticut Community Colleges Save Money with Parchment


In response to student requests for electronic documents, the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities Board of Regents for Higher Education (The Board of Regents) has successfully launched all 12 of the state’s Community Colleges with Parchment to further empower its learners within the marketplace. The result? Every community college student in Connecticut now has 24/7 access and transparency to Parchment’s credential management system to request, store, share, and display their hard-earned academic credentials.

Motivated to improve efficiencies by eliminating paper processes and streamline orders online, The Board of Regents is leveraging Parchment to aid the Registrar’s offices in the fulfillment of credential requests via Parchment Send. Admissions offices at these community colleges were previously receiving a high volume of electronic transcripts; however, they did not have a way to automate the receipt of these transcripts. Until now. As the first company to digitally connect credential senders, credential receivers and credential owners, Parchment has revolutionized the learner experience, improving operational efficiencies and reducing institutional costs.

Joe McAuliffe, Senior Director of Business Information Systems with The Board of Regents anticipates significant savings, “The Community Colleges of Connecticut expect to save just under $500,000 even without charging fees to students.”

As a trusted platform relied upon by learners, educational institutions, employers and associations worldwide, through relationships with higher education institutions, Parchment aims to assist learners with opportunities that maximize positive academic and employment outcomes. Today Parchment is currently used by more than 22 percent of secondary and 13 percent of postsecondary students enrolled in the U.S.

The 12 Connecticut Community Colleges now live with Parchment include:

In addition to all Connecticut Community Colleges, five additional 4-year institutions in Connecticut will be live with Parchment in the coming months. Those schools include:



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