Credential News Unleashed

Credential News Unleashed

Following is the latest edition of the ‘Credential News Unleashed’ newsletter containing relevant articles to help you stay current on our market.

Competencies and Skills

A new group has come together to Call for a National Conversation on Creating a Competency-based Credentialing Ecosystem to increase transparency, trust and portability in the credentialing marketplace to improve employer competitiveness, reduce skill shortages, expand career advancement opportunities for workers, reduce time to credential for workers and students, and improve returns of accredited credentialing systems relative to costs.

Lumina Foundation announced that it is funding 14 Colleges and Universities Selected for CAEL Competency-Based Education Initiative.

Credentials and MOOC’s

New credentials give baby boomers an edge. A new report from Data Points, American Association of Community Colleges shows that adults over age 50 who seek retraining focus on practical, high-value programs geared toward industries that are hiring.


Mind/Shift asks What Will Happen to ‘Big Data’ In Education? after InBloom, a Gates backed nonprofit shuts down.

Prominent Ed-Tech Players’ Data-Privacy Policies Attract Scrutiny with growing public concern about student-data privacy prompting fresh scrutiny of the ways technology vendors handle children’s educational information.

Innovation and Disruption

A newly formed coalition of 20 states is trying to create joint Data Standards for Workforce Credentials.

The Workforce Data Quality Campaign released a report that describes states and schools that have worked to broker data-sharing agreements with certification bodies and licensing agencies.

Transcripts and Transfers

Ball State University Challenges Ruling on Transcripts to the Indiana Supreme Court after a lower court ruled that they would need to release transcripts of a student who left the school with unpaid tuition.

You can’t take it with you; more than 40 percent of community college transfer students unable to transfer their credits to a four-year school. Two researchers at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York conclude that a big reason many community college students fail to get a four-year degree is not because of inferior academic preparation, but because the four year colleges they transfer to won’t accept many of their community college credits.

The EdTech Market

Boston Consulting Group published Five Trends to Watch in Higher Education.

Education Technology Startups Raised Over Half A Billion Dollars In Q1 of 2014, marking the single biggest quarter for capital committed to the sector in the past five years.

Can This Online Course Get Me a Job? A new Service from the Apollo Group aims to help navigate a sea of web classes with links to explicit employment opportunities.

Clever Raises $10.3M to Help Schools through the development of APIs that let schools integrate new learning software with their existing district data systems.


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