Credentials News Unleashed

Credentials News Unleashed

Following is the latest edition of the newsletter I write for Parchment employees to help us stay current on the evolving credentials market.

Competencies and Skills / Competency Based Education

Washington Monthly published an article that speaks to many of the themes that are changing how we view degrees verse competencies, asking the question “A Matter of Degrees, In the Future World of “Credentialing”, Do You Still Need College?

On a similar theme, Inside Higher Ed wrote about “Personalized College Degrees” where they made the case for a fundamental rethinking of the higher education business model.

Business Insider presents “Long-Term Salary [that] Data Shows How Much a College Degree is Really Worth.” While this isn’t the first story to present this ROI argument despite the escalating cost of college, this next article stood out as it shows that “Associates Degrees and Technical Certificates Can Yield More than 4-Year Degrees;” while this story from NPR presents “the Most (and Least) Lucrative College Majors

Credentials and MOOC’s

Free Massive Online Education Provider; Coursera, Begins to Find a Path to Profits” through paid certifications as students pay for evidence that they passed the class.

College Rankings

With the recent release of Parchment’s college rankings, everyone is talking about what rankings mean (well, the stories may have something to do with US News and World Report releasing their annual rankings shortly after). CBS News talks about “Why U.S. News’ College Rankings Hurt Students” while NPR covered “Ranking Schools Based on What Matters” in response to President Obama’s recent proposal.

Happy reading!

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