Credentials News Unleashed

Credentials News Unleashed

Following is the latest edition of the newsletter I write for Parchment employees to help us stay current on the evolving credentials market.

Competencies and Skills / Competency Based Education

AIR and the College & Career Readiness & Success Center issued a presentation titled “Competency-Based Education in Higher Education” which provides a detailed overview of what it means when we talk about “competency-based education;” bringing together presentations from thought leaders at CAEL, the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, and Western Governors University.

Inside Higher Ed “Have Credential, Will Travel” highlights how several Texas community colleges have partnered with the oil and gas industry to create “stackable credentials” that allow students to re-enter college seamlessly when they need more training.

More close to home (or at least more close to Parchment HQ), covers how “Earning College Credit for Working is Urged in Phoenix Area.” which states that by 2025, about 40 percent of Arizonans will hold a degree but more than 60 percent of jobs will require one. Today, 27% of the adults in Arizona have some college credits and no degree, but more could attain degrees if they were allowed to earn credits based on learning at work.

We have spoken before about degree inflation, this infographic titled “I Need a Degree For That?!” features some jobs you may not realize require degrees, and cites a 21.7% increase for jobs requiring a Masters Degree and 19.9% for jobs requiring a Doctorate though 2020, along with 16.5% percentage increase in jobs requiring a Bachelor’s Degree during this time.

Student Data

As schools across the country are looking at new ways to integrate and analyze information about their students, privacy advocates remain wary. “Deciding Who Sees Student’s Data” from the New York Times

More infographics! “How Can Data Mining Analytics Enhance Education

Credentials and MOOC’s

Wall Street Journal featured a new spin on the MOOC phenomenon as the “Job Market Embraces Massive Online Courses” with companies like AT&T and Google designing and funding MOOC’s in an effort to better train workers.

The EdTech Market

AACRAO and the AACRAO SPEEDE Committee recently published their “Best Practices for PDF Transcript Exchange.” This list of best practices and guidelines for processing eTranscripts as PDF is based on a recent survey that shows that 51% of the 98 survey respondents are sending PDF transcripts, 85% are receiving, and 39% are doing both.

Happy reading!

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