Credentials News Unleashed

Credentials News Unleashed

I have been writing a  bi-monthly newsletter sent out to Parchment employees to help them stay current on the credentials market. As many of you following the Parchment blog share our passion for putting credentials to work, we will begin sharing the newsletter and the stories we think are worth discussing.

Making a Better Match

Credentials and MOOC’s

  • Tony Canevale, Director of the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University talks about “Valuing Credentials” from an economic perspective and the importance of transcript data.
  • There appears to be a high correlation between MOOC’s and infographics, here is good one from the Chronicle Of Higher Education that shows who are the “Major Players in the MOOC Universe.”
  • US News writes about “MOOCs Stir Up Controversy,” with experts divided on whether massive open online courses will improve or destroy higher education.

Word of the Week: Not so much a word as a concept, this week I want to highlight the Space Availability Survey. Little publicized, there is a quiet and brief Springtime admissions cycle that matches students who may have missed deadlines or failed to receive a ‘yes’ from the schools they applied to – with the colleges who have extra seats after hearing back from students by the May 1st deadline. This process is facilitated through an annual survey NACAC performs, and conversations between high school counselors and admissions officers looking to fill those empty seats.

Happy reading!

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