Credentials Unleashed

Credentials Unleashed

The following is the latest edition of the ‘Credential News Unleashed’ newsletter containing relevant articles to help you stay current on our market. There’s a lot happening in the Education Technology / Credential Innovation space. It’s exciting to watch it all unfold!

Admissions & Transfers

Big Data

  • A report titled “Here’s how much your high school grades predict your future salary” in the Eastern Economic Journal by researchers from the University of Miami found that a person’s grade-point average in high school not only indicates the person’s chances of getting into college and whether he or she will finish college or graduate school and could also be an indicator of how much that person will earn later in life.
  • The College and Career Readiness and Success Center at AIR published a report on the “Predictors of Postsecondary Success” many of which can be found in a high school transcript.

Competencies and Skills

  • A small but growing number of schools are letting students skip straight to final exams and earn academic credit in subjects they know well, often after years working in related fields. “Testing your way to a degree is not only faster than taking the conventional route. It’s much, much cheaper” illustrates how some students can complete their bachelor’s degrees this way in a matter of months, usually online, and save thousands of dollars in the process by avoiding churning through superfluous courses covering material they already know.

Credentials and MOOC’s

Innovation and Disruption

College Rankings

  • Inside Higher Ed wrote about college rankings in “Rankings Noise,” which argues that small movements in traditional rankings are simply “noise” and that any kind of sustained upward movement is both immensely expensive and nearly impossible.

Privacy & Security

The EdTech Market

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