Empowering #EveryStudent

Empowering #EveryStudent

#EveryStudent is more than her grades

Every day high school counselors and administrators, college admissions offices and registrar offices work diligently to help students on their path to a successful future. From sending and receiving academic credentials to counseling and advising on courses, these individuals are committed to helping Every Student succeed.

Parchment has launched a campaign to help tell the story of how you – whether at the high school or college level – have demonstrated your commitment to empowering Every Student. We want to highlight your great work and share these stories through our social media channels, Twitter and Facebook.

Examples include:

“Sometimes, it just seems like we’re doing paperwork. But it’s more than that. Sending our official transcripts is opening doors and making a real difference in our students’ lives.”#EveryStudent deserves an opportunity

 “Knowing that our transcripts are arriving at their destination securely gives me peace of mind. I’m proud to continue protecting their personal data long after students have left our halls.” #EveryStudent Deserves Secure Personal Data

#EveryStudent releies on her phone

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you are empowering #EveryStudent. Tweet us (@parchment), comment on our Facebook page or email us (hashtag@parchment.com). We can’t wait to tell everyone of the great work you are doing!

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