From Docufide and Avow to the Parchment Exchange

From Docufide and Avow to the Parchment Exchange

The name Docufide was born nearly ten years ago when I combined document with Fides, the Roman Goddess of trust (and the root of fidelity).  Trusted and secure document exchange has been in our DNA from the start, first as the company’s name when it was founded in 2003 as one of the earliest eTranscript exchanges, then as the name of our eTranscript exchange when we became Parchment in 2011.

Three years later Avow was founded. With a meaning “to declare assuredly”, Avow was well suited to the assurances that come from the certified PDF they pioneered. Growing in parallel tracks, Docufide and Avow came together as Parchment in 2012.

Today we launch the Parchment Exchange, which we describe as the best of both worlds – and it truly is. While Docufide was initially focused on the exchange of transcripts from high schools to colleges and universities, Avow developed its solution focused solely on the needs of higher education. While Docufide acted as a trusted intermediary, building a receiver network that delivered transcripts in the receivers preferred format, whether electronic image, standards-based data, or mailed on security paper; Avow developed its patented secure document technologies, to deliver certified PDF’s that carried the trust of the institution right in the digital signature embedded in the transcript.

As our marketing campaign for the launch of the Parchment Exchange points out so well, like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and donuts, Docufide and Avow go together.

Today these two transcript exchanges, created independently of one another unite as one as the Parchment Exchange, and with this launch the Docufide and Avow names will be retired. When I first met Matthew Pittinsky weeks before starting as our CEO, he asked about my attachment to the name “Docufide” knowing I was its creator. Matthew long had a vision for a credentials management platform, and part of that vision was to transform Docufide to Parchment, named after the material traditionally used for diplomas.

At the time, I told Matthew that I was attached not to the name Docufide, but to our mission to transform how transcripts are exchanged, to empower students while creating efficiencies that help schools do more with less.  I immediately liked the name Parchment, and appreciated how it rooted us in the history of academic credentials as we transform what was once a paper (or Parchment) process, into an electronic one; also I was sick of Docufide being misspelled as Docufied.

Today, nearly 10 years after the founding of Docufide, more than 2 years since we became Parchment and less than a year after merging Docufide with Avow, the Parchment Exchange is born as eTranscripts 2.0, the next generation in eTranscript exchange.

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