Michigan and Parchment Say “I Do,” Again

Michigan and Parchment Say “I Do,” Again


The state of Michigan’s Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) has renewed its commitment to Parchment and extended the Michigan eTranscript initiative to all Michigan public and private high schools through 2018. The renewal of this agreement will allow institutions to continue the electronic exchange of transcripts and other college admissions documents.

Since the launch of the eTranscript Initiative in Michigan in 2009, more than one million student requests have been fulfilled electronically through Parchment. Underscoring a long-term commitment to student success and empowerment, the renewed agreement will allow current high school students in Michigan to place an electronic transcript request to any destination, worldwide, at no cost.

A direct result of the eTranscript Initiative was CEPI’s creation of the MI School Data Portal, a robust information hub allowing citizens, educators and policy makers with insights to make informed decisions about what works for their schools and their students.

The extended agreement with CEPI and Parchment is effective July 15, 2015.

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