Nearly 90 countries are using Parchment Exchange

Nearly 90 countries are using Parchment Exchange



While I knew that we have been working with schools in a number of countries – I had no idea how quickly our international presence had grown; and figure if this is news to me, it’s news to you.

A few weeks ago I received emails announcing new signings in both Saudi Arabia and Peru on the same day. This international daily double piqued my curiosity as to where we stood on the map. A query later, I discovered that we now have members in 6 continents (we haven’t cracked the Antarctic market) and schools in nearly 90 countries, which I found both shocking…  and not so much.

I was shocked because I had no idea how quickly our international presence had grown. It is only recently that we began to focus on the international market. While we had not been actively promoting our service overseas, schools around the world have sure been finding us; and with more international students attending American colleges than ever before, the fact that these schools are looking to Parchment for help is not a surprise at all.

The traditional benefits associated with sending eTranscripts generally come down to process efficiencies leading to saving time and money, speedier delivery and improved student services. When talking about these benefits, there is perhaps no greater beneficiary than the international school sending transcripts across oceans, looking to cut down a delivery that may have taken weeks to what is now minutes, while eliminating the cost of international postage.

When talking about our international presence, it isn’t just high schools and colleges registering to send transcripts, but also colleges signing up to receive eTranscripts; especially relevant as the number of American students enrolling in college oversees is also rising.

With this rise in student mobility, I expect to see continued growth in our international member count as high schools and colleges around the world look to the Parchment Exchange and a more efficient way to exchange student data.

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