Oh, the Places Credentials Go!

Oh, the Places Credentials Go!

We wanted to know what both registrars and learners were thinking about extending the transcript, sharing credentials and the future of credentialing. So we asked in two recent surveys. Hundreds of you answered. And we listened.
Of the more than 100 registrars surveyed:

  • 41% are “somewhat to very likely” to offer a digital credential in the next 5 years
  • 78% think that students sharing their digital credentials is inevitable

So it’s not surprising that safety and security are key concerns, along with fraud and transcript alteration. “Students will post this without giving a thought to identify theft,” shared one registrar.

Of the over 550 recent college graduates surveyed:

  • 51% store scanned or digital transcripts on a cloud-based server (like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive)
  • 40% share information about academic and co-curricular accomplishments on LinkedIn, with 35% posting the same on Facebook
  • 24% believe it’s acceptable to share a copy of their credential and display it publically online through social networking sites
  • 60% are excited by the idea of displaying official or verified credential on a digital or social site
  • 71% said marketability to potential employers is leading reason they want digital credentials

The takeaway: Students are going to share their credentials, online and socially, doing what they have to do to be marketable. Ready or not, registrars have to get on the digital credential bandwagon to meet student needs. How? We get it. And our Credential Innovation Framework can help you get started.

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