Parchment 7: Our Top 3 Recommendations

Parchment 7: Our Top 3 Recommendations

Last week we announced the upcoming release of Parchment 7. Click here to read all about it

This week we want to share with you the optimal way to set up your account using the new features in Parchment 7. By following our recommendations below, the time you spend fulfilling orders will be greatly reduced, benefitting both you and your students.

Our recommendations

We recommend that you upload your roster and transcripts before your students place orders, so that by the time they do place orders, their transcripts are in place and ready to go. If you do not follow our recommendations, you can still fulfill orders, but the fulfillment process will take a little longer.

Once we release Parchment 7, we will provide detailed instructions explaining how to prepare your account, which is made up of three key steps:


After completing the steps above, you will have three things in place and matched together – roster record, transcript, and registration. When your students place orders, you simply click Approve and the transcripts will be on their way!


If you want training on how to do each of these steps, sign up for a live webinar.

* Registration codes are not mandatory but they do speed up the registration process for students, and ensure that roster records automatically match registrations. When your students register for a account using a registration code, they do not have to enter any of the information that you already provided in the roster, such as their name and date of birth, and they do not have to add your school to their account as it will be added automatically. You can email or print registration codes.

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