Parchment and Perceptive – Two P’s in a Pod

Parchment and Perceptive – Two P’s in a Pod

At Parchment, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to better our members’ credential ordering experience. That’s why we’re super excited to announce our newest partnership with Perceptive Software. The Parchment – Perceptive partnership will improve the credential ordering experience by automating the exchange of credentials between Parchment Receive and Peceptive’s Electronic Content Management System (ECM) ImageNow.

 But what does that really mean? Let’s break it down…

    Parchment Receive member, receive into their Receive Inbox digital credentials sent electronically

    Perceptive’s Intelligent Capture for Transcripts pulls the data off of credentials and stores it in ImageNow (ECM).

 Receive members that utilize Perceptive’s Intelligent Capture for Transcripts, will now have a fully streamlined process to manage transfer credit evaluation.

 As if that weren’t cool enough, ImageNow integrates seamlessly with all major student information systems. Meaning that the systems that take action on credentials, are receiving those documents as quickly as possible and in the format that you need.

 Not only does this save time and avoid application-processing delays, it enables colleges and universities to make data-driven admissions decisions more quickly. With more time to focus on student recruitment, and a faster, quality admissions experience – it’s a win for both the institution and the student!

 “Building an alliance with Perceptive allows Parchment to further our reach to colleges and universities, arming administrators with tools to provide students a secure and efficient way to request and deliver transcripts,” said Parchment Chief Executive Officer Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D.

 Our partnerships extend the value of the Parchment Exchange by helping institutions reduce costs, time and effort and enabling them to spend more time focusing on learners. We’re excited to welcome Perceptive Software to the Parchment Partner Community.


Thanks for being a part of our growing network!

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