Parchment Launches First Reverse Transfer Platform

Parchment Launches First Reverse Transfer Platform

Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange, does it again!

We understand the critical role eTranscripts play in helping our members meet institutional goals.  Now, Parchment offers the first reverse transfer platform in the market, and paves the way for states to expand degree attainment.

45% of Americans start their postsecondary journey in community college.  When they transfer to a four-year institution, most students have not yet earned an associate’s degree.  The good news:  of those who transfer to a four-year institution, 60% go on to earn a bachelor’s degree.  The bad news: that still leaves a lot of students who earn credits at both community college and a four-year institution, but they don’t earn a degree at all.  That’s where reverse transfer comes in.  The idea behind reverse transfer is that students can transfer credits they earned at a four-year institution back to their community college.  With a complete list of credits, they can earn an associate’s degree from community college.  And that gives them a leg up in the job market.

It’s a powerful concept, and has earned significant financial support from organizations like Lumina FoundationKresge Foundation, Helios Education Foundation, USA Funds and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Twelve states have already committed to scale this initiative up.  Fast.

And who will make it possible for states to scale reverse transfer by providing the only fully automated solution to electronically exchange the transcripts needed to corroborate credits earned?  You guessed it. Parchment.

Reverse transfer platform:  just one example of how we work with our members to turn credentials into opportunities.


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