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Docufide by Parchment Announces Partnership with Kansas Board of Regents

Agreement Allows Postsecondary Institutions in State to Send Student Records Anywhere


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Oct. 11, 2011 – As part of its electronic transcript delivery initiative, the Kansas Board of Regents has recently partnered with Docufide by Parchment to register public and independent colleges and universities in the state as full Docufide Senders, enabling them to send transcripts and other student data to schools and institutions within and outside of Kansas. Barton Community College, Bethel College, and Pittsburg State University join Fort Scott Community College as the latest institutions to go live. Johnson County Community College, the largest public community college in the state, will soon join them.


The agreement stems from the Midwest Higher Education Compact E-Transcript Initiative, an agreement made among multiple states to establish a comprehensive electronic transcript service for public and private high schools and higher education institutions in the Midwest. Kansas joined the Compact in 2009 by registering all public high schools in the state with Docufide and is now expanding its involvement by enabling higher education institutions to send student records electronically. By registering as Docufide Senders through the initiative, colleges and universities will benefit from an easier data transfer exchange with other institutions and electronic delivery reduce the amount of waiting time for transcripts to reach their destinations. Students can rest assured that their transcripts will be delivered securely and can even track the progress of their data’s delivery to its final destination.


The Board of Regents expects to lead additional phases of implementation before the initiative’s goal of completion by May 2013. Over 50 colleges and universities in Kansas are eligible to join the initiative.


“This new partnership is going to directly benefit Kansas students,” said Andy Tompkins, president and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents. “E-transcripts provide a faster way to send credentials to other agencies as well, such as potential employers and licensing boards, and this paper-reduction effort aids environmental sustainability. The Board of Regents is delighted to offer this service, and we hope additional institutions will join this initiative.”


In addition to schools in the state registering as Docufide Senders, the Kansas State Board of Nursing has also joined the initiative by electing to receive transcripts electronically through Docufide. This will allow it to expedite the licensing process by reducing the amount of time it normally takes to receive paper transcripts from students’ schools, and will help to create a broader network of Docufide users within the state to make data delivery among various institutions easier and more efficient.


“Kansas is in the vanguard of states on academic data exchange, and we’re proud to help them stay there,” said Matthew Pittinksy, Ph.D., the CEO of Parchment.


Parchment’s Docufide Sender is a platform that allows educational institutions to manage and process transcripts and other student documents. As students request transcripts to be sent to colleges, universities, or other destinations, Docufide can automatically pull transcripts from its secure electronic storage system and immediately fulfill students’ requests. Docufide also tracks the progress of the transcript delivery process to ensure timely and secure delivery to the desired destination.


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