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Docufide by Parchment Contract with South Carolina Department of Education Extended

Partnership Allows Continued High-Speed Data Transfer for Students and Schools


Scottsdale, Ariz. – Sept. 22, 2011 – To help increase the efficiency and speed of the college admissions process, the South Carolina Department of Education has renewed its current contract with Docufide by Parchment.


Since 2008, the South Carolina Department of Education’s agreement with Docufide has provided online-based student record and data services to over 200 high schools in the state. Through the contract, high school students are able to use the services free of charge to electronically request transcripts to be sent to any eligible public and private college or university within South Carolina.


Currently, 88 percent of high schools in South Carolina are participating in the initiative. Of those schools, half were registered to become Docufide Senders between December 2008 and June 2009, a six-month period during which the entire state was also undergoing a major student data migration to a new system. The rapid registration proved to be successful for Docufide and South Carolina students and institutions with transcript requests up by 57 percent in the past year.


“We re-signed with Parchment because it helps us help our students,” said Tom Olson, interim director of the Office of External Technology at the South Carolina Department of Education. “Being able to directly transmit transcripts to postsecondary institutions is a huge benefit for our students, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to apply to college.”


School administrators are also benefiting from the contract extension. They continue to be able to use Parchment to exchange student records electronically between schools in different districts within the state, allowing for the easy transfer of data when a student moves or transfers to a new school. Parchment also helps them keep track of where students move, helping to reduce the number of “false dropouts” as administrators receive confirmation when student data is received at a different school.


“Parchment is proud to partner with South Carolina to make the college-admissions and school-transfer processes easier for both students and administrators,” said Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment Inc. “We’re working to ensure that all students are able to submit their records electronically rather than worry about their transcripts getting lost or delayed in the mail.”


Parchment’s Docufide Sender is a platform that allows high schools to manage and process transcripts and other admissions documents. It offers an automated process that uploads transcripts from high schools each grading period and then stores the data securely and electronically. As students request transcripts to be sent to colleges, universities, or other destinations, Docufide can automatically pull transcripts from the secure storage system and immediately fulfill students’ requests. Docufide also provides useful insight to high schools about where their students’ transcripts are being sent, and tracks the progress of the transcript delivery process to ensure timely and secure delivery to the desired destination. In addition, the Docufide interface allows high schools to send other college admissions documents, such as letters of recommendation and student reports, to colleges and universities.


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