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Indiana’s Colleges & Universities are First in Nation to Unanimously Support Electronic Transcripts

Los Angeles, CA, February 14th, 2007: In a letter that went out last week to every secondary school guidance counselor in the state, a unified front of all public post secondary institutions in Indiana unanimously stated their strong preference in receiving all transcripts electronically through the e-Transcript Initiative. An excerpt from the letter can be viewed athttp://www.mhec.org/mhecwww/studentAccess/inletter.pdf.


Indiana’s public and private post secondary schools have witnessed an incredible increase in electronic transcript delivery after the state launched its e-Transcript Initiative (ETI) a little over one year ago. The state went from practically zero transcripts delivered electronically to close to 10,000 admissions transcripts processed; a quantum leap forward through the implementation and use of the ETI by more than 240 of the state’s high schools.


The ETI, provided by Docufide, Inc., allows all high schools in the state to exchange transfer transcripts as well as deliver transcripts to Indiana colleges and universities electronically. Key to this initiative’s success was the ability for Docufide to rollout the service to so many schools in such a short period of time. Unlike several other statewide attempts at electronic transcript delivery that have failed, Docufide’s approach is unique in that it works both for schools that align with data standards like SIF, and also for schools where no standards exist, which is the current state of affairs in most schools nationwide. Independent of the type of student system they use or alignment with standards, Docufide can capture their transcripts electronically in a secure, non-invasive way with nothing more than a one time simple application download. Transcripts are received electronically by Docufide as data files where they are then converted to XML and delivered in standards-aligned formats like PESC XML or EDI, as well as more commonly received PDF and even security paper options, ensuring delivery to any destination globally.


“Docufide has been highly responsive and effective in addressing the planning, rollout and ongoing support and enhancements to Indiana’s e-Transcript Initiative. We believe, from our experience with Docufide, that their technology, services, and staff combine to deliver the best available solutions to suit the needs of all participants, making them an ideal choice for delivering a state’s electronic transcript exchange,” stated Stanley Jones, Commissioner, Indiana Commission for Higher Education.


Docufide’s unprecedented success in Indiana has led to the Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s (MHEC) award of a similar contract for electronic transcript services for all high schools and colleges among MHEC’s 11 Midwest states, which includes Indiana as a member. This region-wide initiative will be the first of its kind in scope and when fully rolled out will cover approximately 25% of the nation’s high school and college students.


“Docufide’s sole focus on electronic records exchange, their ability to implement an entire state in a matter of months, and their proven success and support from users like Indiana was a major factor in awarding the contract to them. As witnessed in Indiana, the best reflection of an ETI’s success is in the eyes of the users, and Docufide’s technology and services have proven to be unanimously supported”, stated Larry Isaak, President of MHEC. 


About Docufide 
Docufide is the leading provider of Educational Records Management services. Its flagship service, Secure Transcript, manages the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student transcripts for secondary and postsecondary institutions nationwide. Secure Transcript saves schools money, frees up staff time, and improves student satisfaction. Docufide, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with representatives throughout the United States. For more information please visitwww.docufide.com or call 310.309.3722 Ext. 4.