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Parchment, the most widely adopted digital academic credentials service, today released its 2016 third quarter activity report. The Parchment network, comprised of more than 8,475 active high schools, universities, employers and licensing boards, relies on Parchment technology to issue and receive academic credentials, arming millions of learners with portable, actionable credentials.

In the third quarter, more than 829,000 learners registered with Parchment to send their academic credentials to higher education institutions and employers as they look to secure their next opportunity. As well, a milestone of 8.3 million credential transactions were processed in the twelve month period ending in the third quarter.

Institutional Member Network Growth

As of September 30, 2016, 4,390 credential-issuing institutions – including high schools, colleges/universities, the GED and licensing boards – comprise the Parchment network.  These institutions are sending to more than 4,080 organizations that process or verify credentials through Parchment, including but not limited to admissions offices and employers. In the third quarter of 2016, the total Parchment network, including both sending and receiving institutions, grew by 119 schools including ITT Technical Institute, University of Cincinnati, University of Utah, Towson University and Texas Christian University, to name a few.

Today, the active Parchment Send member network spans 25 percent of US enrollments in secondary schools and 17 percent of US enrollments in Postsecondary schools.  Additionally, the active Parchment Receive member network spans 90 percent of traditional college and university admissions offices in the United States.

Credential Transaction Growth

Credential ordering in the third quarter remained steady as Parchment facilitated more than 1.6 million academic credential orders (transcripts, GED, diplomas), growing the total credential requests over the LTM to more than 8.3 million, a 25 percent increase over the prior year LTM.

“As the third quarter comes to a close, we now turn our attention to the Class of 2017 that has already begun to apply for their next experience, said Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., Parchment Chief Executive Officer. “The combination of thousands of sending high schools and 90 percent of college and university admissions offices in the United States on the Parchment network is helping millions of students to simplify their journey into higher education.”

Other noteworthy events from the third quarter of 2016 include:

  • Became the official credential delivery service of  ITT Tech upon the school’s closure. Worked closely with ITT Tech staff during their brief wind down, increased internal Member Support staffing to manage the surge in requests and maintained regular cadence of communication with state education agencies with updates on record transfer and student order fulfillment.
  • Launched redesigned Parchment.com, simplifying the process for learners to immediately place their credential requests for digital delivery into employers, licensing boards and admissions offices.  Improved design also allows credential issuers and receiving organizations to more easily navigate to the various credentials they wish to issue or access.
  • Published sixth annual Parchment Student Choice College Rankings report, grounded in the revealed preferences of students as measured by their matriculation choices they report within their Parchment.com profile.