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New Alliance between SunGard K-12 Education and Parchment Provides Millions of High School Students with Electronic Academic Credentials

Leading software and technical services provider, SunGard K-12 Education, has selected Parchment as its premier provider for the transmission of electronic academic credentials, including transcripts. This new alliance will allow the almost 1,400 public school districts and charter schools using SunGard K-12’s eSchoolPLUS student information system to gain peace of mind as they help their students securely share key academic achievements with community colleges, four-year public and private colleges and universities, trade schools, and employers.

SunGard K-12 Education’s eSchoolPLUS, an industry-recognized solution for managing student data, helps educational stakeholders—students, school administrators, district staff, teachers, parents, and board members—easily manage and immediately access the summary and detailed student information they need, when they need it. At a time when schools and districts are being asked to share increasing amounts of data, eSchoolPLUS, which is built on a solid foundation of reliable and advanced technology, helps make organizing and disseminating information simple.

A high school transcript marks the first in a series of academic credentials students earn over the course of their lives. Leveraging this hard-earned credential to access future opportunities, including a postsecondary education or a career, can create significant value. The ability to send this credential safely and securely through an electronic medium is how students expect the transaction to occur.

George Pepper, SunGard K-12’s president and chief executive officer, welcomes this new alliance with Parchment. “Every year, school districts across the nation use eSchoolPLUS’ robust tools to support student achievement. Today, this nation’s successful students are considering a broad range of possibilities beyond high school,” he says. “As they look to their future, they want to be able to securely share a transcript of their high school experience with undergraduate and other institutions. As a result of our new alliance with Parchment, school districts using eSchoolPLUS will be able to help their students seamlessly transmit that data with confidence.”

For more than a decade, Parchment, a credentials management company headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., has designed and implemented one of the most secure ecosystems for the global education community’s exchange of student academic credentials. The company incorporates state-of-the-art data center security, a patent-owned secure PDF, permission based log-in, and multiple levels of encryption.

Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., Parchment’s chief executive officer, says thousands of colleges and high schools every year entrust Parchment to safely and securely exchange some of their most important assets—their student transcript data. “Our solution offers end-to-end tracking allowing students, parents, and administrators to access the status of the exchange in real-time,” he says. “In addition, schools can leverage Parchment’s built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to know where their students are going.”


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