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Parchment Hires Education Technology Expert as New Chief Technology Officer. Former Pearson Executive, Software CEO To Join Parchment on July 18

Scottsdale, Ariz. – July 18, 2011: Louis “Lou” Delzompo, the former vice president of products for PowerSchool, a division of Apple later acquired by Pearson, has been tapped as the new chief technology officer of Parchment Inc., the nation’s leading provider of academic credential data solutions to schools, universities and the individuals they educate.


Effective today, Delzompo will oversee the technical direction and development of Parchment technology and manage its deployment and data center operations. His responsibilities will span many areas of company operations, including platform architecture, software engineering, data security and the Parchment Data Center.


“Lou’s extensive, relevant experience with both education technology and software development, including shipping mission-critical software to schools, will help the students and colleges we work with move, secure, and unleash the power of academic credentials,” said Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment Inc. “He’s already adding new energy to Parchment’s standard-setting product lineup, which spans both institutional credential exchange—Docufide—and Parchment.com’s consumer services.”


Delzompo was previously senior vice president of solution development for Pearson’s School Improvement Division. He has also been a senior executive with Sun Microsystems and a number of successful startup ventures and public corporations.


With over 30 years experience in high-tech companies with a special emphasis on the higher education and K-12 markets, Delzompo acted as an independent management consultant on projects for charter school operators, as well for Pearson and other companies. He was also the co-founder & CEO of Connected Information Systems, a K-12 software startup.


“I am very excited to have joined an established team with a proven track record of transforming the way individuals, schools, universities, and employers use student records and credentials,” said Delzompo. “Our new online interface will revolutionize the way students put their transcripts to work. The technology involved, and its application, directly leverage my experience as well as my passion for the education market”.


Parchment’s Software-as-a-Service platform, Docufide by Parchment, allows schools and universities to capture, transform, exchange and manage transcripts and other student records. With over 7,000 high schools, colleges and universities, and hundreds of thousands of individuals exchanging millions of transcripts and other student records, Docufide is the largest network for academic credentials in the world and has been selected by 8 states to provide the infrastructure for electronic exchange initiatives. Docufide’s network of senders and receivers also includes the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), all of the Common Application member colleges, and postsecondary institutions such as Purdue University and Career Education Corporation’s 101 campuses.


About Parchment Inc


Parchment’s mission is to unleash education credentials by unlocking the critical data they embody. We work with institutions and corporations around the world helping people collect, promote and share their education credentials in simple and secure ways More than 8 state education agencies, 7,000 schools and universities and hundreds of thousands of individuals trust and rely on the Docufide by Parchment platform to transform and deliver millions of transcripts and other student records each year. Parchment is credentials unleashed.