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Parchment’s Docufide Sender Chosen by City Colleges of Chicago and Carteret Community College to Enable Rapid, Secure Transmission of Electronic Education Credentials

Docufide to Enhance Student Success in College and Career for Tens of Thousands of Community College Attendees


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—November 10, 2011— Parchment Inc., developer of the Docufide® platform for secure, electronic education credential exchange, today announced that City Colleges of Chicago, Carteret Community College, and other community colleges across the country have  selected Docufide by Parchment to improve the student experience, increase resource efficiencies, and lower processing costs.


In addition to City Colleges of Chicago and Carteret, numerous other colleges have selected Docufide Sender to transmit electronic education credentials, including Richland Community College in Illinois, Alpena Community College in Michigan, Johnston Community College in North Carolina, and several community colleges in Kansas, such as Barton Community College, Cowley County Community College, Fort Scott Community College, and Johnson County Community College.


These schools represent a broader trend of higher learning institutions all choosing to replace manual and paper-based processes, and bring transcript services completely online. Also, this trend supports community college initiatives that empower students to better align their academic credentials with ongoing postsecondary education and/or career opportunities.


Using the web-based Docufide Sender solution, these colleges can now securely and instantly send official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and related student records to other institutions, as well as analyze data to better understand students’ needs and their choices for additional postsecondary education.


Docufide Sender eliminates the manual, costly, and time-consuming processes associated with fulfilling student requests for transcripts. Now, these schools can process requests online, saving administrators and counselors from needing to physically process requests and wait for paper transcripts to reach their destination via postal mail. It also aligns senders with the increasing demand from postsecondary institutions and other organizations preferring to receive education credentials electronically, whether for college transfer or professional employment.


The Docufide platform supports a diverse population of higher education institutions, from the smallest private schools to populous state universities. For example, City Colleges of Chicago’s 60,000 students are spread among seven urban campuses, while Carteret Community College has an enrollment of 2,700 students and is sited on the North Carolina coast. Both benefit from increased operational effectiveness and greater student satisfaction, as well as from Docufide’s data-service features, including transcript processing and delivery, and student record storage.


“After evaluating other options, we concluded that Docufide will allow us to better meet our student data needs while also saving us money,” said Tammi Coble, the registrar of Carteret Community College. “Our staff will be able to spend less time processing transcripts and more time helping our students, which is our main goal.”


“It’s gratifying for us to show our clients the dramatic impact of switching to an electronic model,” said Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., CEO, Parchment Inc. “Especially for today’s resource-limited community colleges, leveraging electronic education credentials will play a critical role in improving efficiencies across the organization.”



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