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Parchment’s Docufide Sender Platform Poised to Help Accelerate College Applications

Further Integration with the Common Application to Benefit Participating High Schools, Counselors, and Students


Scottsdale, Ariz. – Sept. 22, 2011 – Docufide by Parchment’s partnership with the Common Application has always been notable for the way it speeds up data transfer, allowing high school students to electronically send transcripts to any participating Common Application college. Now Parchment is set to take that efficiency to the next level.


Currently students place their transcript requests online through parchment.com (the transcript request portal for Docufide Sender), after which high school counselors access school forms and reports through the Common Application website, a procedure that requires repeated detours to multiple websites and relies on outside communication to fulfill transcript requests. Starting in the 2012-13 school year, however, Parchment will streamline the entire process by integrating all steps of the process counselor forms, student requests, and Docufide data delivery through the Docufide Sender interface.


Through this integration, everyone involved in the process will be able to access and submit initial reports and requests on the same website. Docufide Sender will be able to notify counselors directly and immediately when transcripts are requested, and can accurately update students on the progress of their request. Transcripts and forms will then be packaged together and sent to the Common Application organization, which will then make this data available to all participating colleges and universities to which the student has applied.


“This expanded relationship increases the number of secondary schools that can publish application materials, particularly transcripts, electronically to the Common Application organization through the secure technologies they already use generally,” said Rob Killion, executive director of the Common Application, Inc. “Given the unique size of Parchment”s Sender network of secondary schools, it’s a partnership that promises to improve the admissions experience of thousands of counselors and hundreds of thousands of students and families.”


With these improvements to the overall process, participating Docufide Sender high schools – nearly one quarter of all high schools in the United States – will benefit from faster and improved communication among all users, easier student record transfers, and a simpler and more efficient way to help students apply for college.


“We are proud to help Common Application do what it does best,” said Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., CEO of Parchment Inc. “Working together, we’re helping both students and officials use their time and resources more efficiently.”


Parchment’s Docufide Sender is a platform that allows high schools to manage and process transcripts and other admissions documents. It offers an automated process that uploads transcripts from high schools each grading period and then stores the data securely and electronically. As students request transcripts to be sent to colleges, universities, or other destinations, Docufide can automatically pull transcripts from the secure storage system and immediately fulfill students’ requests. Docufide also provides useful insight to high schools about where their students’ transcripts are being sent and tracks the progress of the transcript delivery process to ensure timely and secure delivery to the desired destination. In addition, the Docufide interface allows high schools to send other college admissions documents, such as letters of recommendation and student reports, to colleges and universities.


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Parchment’s mission is to unleash education credentials by unlocking the critical data they embody. We work with institutions and corporations around the world helping people collect, promote and share their education credentials in simple and secure ways. Six state education agencies, 7,000 schools and universities and hundreds of thousands of individuals trust and rely on the Docufide by Parchment platform to transform and deliver millions of transcripts and other student records each year. Parchment is credentials unleashed. www.parchment.com