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South Carolina DOE Awards Docufide K-12 Student Records Exchange and e-Transcript Project

Los Angeles, CA, June 17th, 2008: The three-year Joint Records Exchange project from the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) was awarded to Docufide through a competitive RFP bid process. Joint Records Exchange will allow all K-12 schools in the state to electronically send and receive a student’s complete educational record. The project also includes the electronic delivery of high school transcripts to colleges and universities throughout South Carolina and to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Additionally, guidance counselors at participating schools will be provided with student diploma audits twice a year which will provide feedback on how each student is progressing towards the state’s graduation requirements. Docufide and SCDE will begin working immediately on the project plan and implementation timeline.


South Carolina was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences that will help fund the Joint Records Exchange project. A major goal of SCDE’s IES grant is extending the state’s existing Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) infrastructure to include the transfer of student data horizontally between South Carolina’s public school districts. Docufide, as an active member of SIFA and co-lead on the SIF Student Record Exchange (SRE) taskforce, will support the SCDE Office of Technology Services and the Office of Data Management and Analysis in pursuing standards alignment for all participating schools. The SCDE Office of Technology Services and the Office of Data Management and Analysis will oversee the implementation of the project, ensuring availability and adoption of Docufide’s services by all K-12 schools throughout the state.


With the student’s record available electronically and in a standards aligned format, schools and educators can instantly transfer records and properly assess a student’s previous academic record allowing for rapid placement into the appropriate class and curriculum, all while avoiding manual data entry of the record. The e-Transcript exchange capability of the Joint Records Exchange project will provide students, parents and the staffs at sending and receiving schools, with the benefit of 24/7 online requests and allow for instant delivery of admissions transcripts, easing the college application and admissions process.


The Joint Records Exchange project is the first state initiative to include Docufide’s Enhanced Data Services (EDS) that will provide a comprehensive assessment of a student’s current and necessary future coursework required to attain the state’s defined graduation standard. Several other states are also currently reviewing this unique service as the ability to normalize local coursework to the agreed upon state or federal standard has many known and sought-after applications and benefits across the entire educational community. Such services include improved data exchange capabilities, diploma audits, scholarship eligibility assessments, and normalized coursework on admissions transcripts to name a few.


Docufide’s CEO John Reese states, “With more and more progressive state agencies like the SCDE now pursuing comprehensive student record exchange and e-Transcript delivery projects, we are now rapidly laying down the infrastructure required for ubiquitous, real-time access to the student level data necessary to guide and improve today’s educational system.”


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