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South Carolina Expands Relationship with Parchment to Further Empower Students

Empowering students to achieve success after high school is fundamental to the South Carolina Department of Education’s (SCDE) mission.  For seven years, South Carolina students have been able to request their high school transcripts to be sent electronically through the state’s relationship with Parchment, a leading academic credentials management system.  The new 2015-16 SCDE eTranscript Initiative will enable current students and their families to send free digital transcripts to institutions of higher education across South Carolina and the nation.

 “A streamlined admissions process is critical to the continued success of our students,” said Molly Spearman, South Carolina State Superintendent of Education.  “Our relationship with Parchment has simplified the application process and eliminated the cost for our students.”

Since SCDE’s relationship with Parchment began in 2008, Parchment has delivered more than 354,000 academic credentials on behalf of South Carolina students.  Prior agreements limited students to sending eTranscripts only to higher education institutions within South Carolina.  The new agreement with Parchment allows students to send eTranscripts to more than 3,400 higher education institutions, organizations, and accreditation groups throughout the United States.

“It is exciting to expand our relationship with the South Carolina Department of Education,” said Dr. Matthew Pittinsky, Parchment CEO.  “Our growing relationship demonstrates the commitment of Superintendent Spearman and the Department to empowering the state’s learners to achieve success in their academic careers.”

Digitizing credentials is proven to streamline operations for both the sending and receiving institutions, and enables receiving colleges and universities to use the data to optimize course placement, transfer articulation and reverse transfer.  From the beginning, it took Parchment seven years to deliver one million credentials, and now the organization delivers one million transcripts every two months. In July 2015, Parchment facilitated its 20 millionth credential request. Today, more than 22 percent of high schools enrollments and 15 percent of postsecondary enrollments in the United States attend institutions that are members of Parchment’s network, enabling simple and secure access to digital credentials.

In July, Parchment introduced Parchment 7, the most advanced academic credential management system with new functionalities for high school administrators. School administrators are now able to pre-load all of their transcripts and other credentials at once into the Credential Library. When requests start to arrive, the request and credentials are automatically matched, leaving only the one-click approval for the administrator to send it on its way. Administrators can streamline further by choosing to automatically approve matched requests.

Parchment is committed to operating in an environment of open standards where learners’ electronic credentials can be securely exchanged worldwide. Today, Parchment is the only organization recognized with the P20W Electronic Standards Council (PESC)  Seal of Approval, for Parchment’s implementation of PESC Approved Standards. In addition, Parchment integrates with the Standardization of Postsecondary Education Data Exchange (SPEEDE) and is a signatory to G.R.E.E.N, the Global Registrar EduRecord Exchange Network™ for higher education. In May 2015, Parchment became a signatory to the Groningen Declaration, a set of principles focused on improving student data mobility.