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Texas’ United Independent School District Eliminates College Barriers

The college application process may be a bit overwhelming to students and families throughout the United States. United Independent School District (United I.S.D.) in Laredo, Texas recognizes this and has taken a leadership position to eliminate barriers and help create new opportunities for its young learners by aligning with Parchment, a digital eTranscript solution.

“Sometimes we see the struggle that all first generation college students have to go through,” said Jose Almazan, Director of Admissions with United I.S.D. With Parchment, transcript requests are as easy as using an ATM. This service helps open the doors of the world that some of these students wouldn’t normally have.” Furthering its commitment, United I.S.D. is incurring the complete expense of sending digital transcripts for current students, and is committed to helping families throughout the process.

When searching for a service to share student transcripts electronically, United I.S.D. had specific needs in mind: ease of use for students, alumni, parents and administrators and to get local universities to be open to receiving these transcripts digitally. United I.S.D. boasts nearly 43,000 young learners, nearly 3,000 of which are high school seniors. Because of their geographic location, a significant percent of United I.S.D. graduates enroll at local universities and colleges.

“We took it upon ourselves to meet with the local colleges and universities to share our vision,” said Almazan. “By the end of the first day, they were already sharing our vision for exchanging transcripts electronically.”

Parchment understands how stressful and time-consuming it can be for students and families to collect, send and then track individual transcripts. “We want to alleviate this stress and help students leverage their transcripts to achieve their desired outcomes, transforming promise into the present,” said Matthew Pittinsky, Parchment Chief Executive Offer and former co-founder of education technology giant, Blackboard.

“We love Parchment in our office,” said Marie Tanguma, Assistant Registrar of John B. Alexander High School in United I.S.D. “Not only is it more efficient for us, but our students can see that their transcript is delivered to the college or university within minutes.”

Tanguma has also heard from parents that they appreciate the transparency in tracking their students’ transcripts, anytime, anywhere.