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University Of Alaska System Awards E-Transcript Contract To Docufide

Los Angeles, CA, August 1, 2007: Docufide, the leading provider of electronic transcript and admissions document delivery services, won a competitive bid and was recently awarded a three year contract with the University of Alaska system to provide electronic transcript services to several of the states’ largest school districts. All participating high schools will be able to utilize Docufide’s Secure Transcript™ services to send transcripts to the University of Alaska at no charge for the 3-year term of the agreement. The services will be provided for free to the following Alaskan School Districts: Anchorage School District, Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, Juneau Borough School District, Kenai Peninsula School District, and Lower Kuskokwim School District, with potential expansion to all Alaska districts as the project progresses.


Students and parents will be able to request transcripts through Docufide’s online system 24/7. All transcripts sent to the University of Alaska System will be free to the students, with the additional option of using the service to send official transcripts anywhere globally provided to the schools at sign-up. The University System’s purchase of the system for these districts not only expedites the request and delivery of transcripts but also removes the need for multiple copies to be sent, as all transcripts will be centrally processed from Docufide to the University System for routing. Docufide will implement an automated download system that will provide the University System with both a screen viewable PDF as well as XML in the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) standard format; for direct import into their student system.


Docufide’s unique non-invasive approach to transcript data capture will allow all of the districts to participate, no matter the type or age of their student information system. Docufide to date has implemented its data capture technology in hundreds of schools on all brands of student systems, including many legacy home grown systems. Docufide also supports the School Interoperability Framework’s 2.0 Student Records Exchange (SRE) standard and will work with those schools that wish to implement Docufide’s SIF agent for records capture, further expanding the service’s capabilities to include full K-12 records exchange.


“When adopting technology, it’s important to know that services will support standards that ensure interoperable data for local, state agency, and receiving institution purposes”, stated John O’Connell, Docufide’s Senior VP. “Docufide is an active participant in both the SIF SRE taskforce as well as in PESC. As reliance on these standards evolves, all users of Docufide’s services can be assured that their current and downstream needs will be satisfied through our standard’s aligned capture, translation and delivery services.”


This announcement comes at an important time for American schools. While schools struggle with budget shortfalls, overburdened counselors and administrators spend precious staff time processing an ever-increasing amount of transcript requests. According to a National Center for Education Statistics study it costs nearly $7.00 in labor and materials to send and over $9.00 to receive every high school transcript. The cost to fully process a college transcript is even higher.


“We are pleased to be partnering with Docufide on this pilot project”, stated Mike Earnest, Student Services Manager, UA Student & Enrollment Services. “Our immediate goal is to have all transcripts from the majority of our Alaskan high school applicants sent to us electronically. It was important to us that the vendor be able to work seamlessly with a wide variety of student information systems at the high schools; that the solution be easy for staff to install and learn; and free for students. As a statewide university system with 16 campuses sharing one student information system, we also wanted to receive and process incoming transcripts centrally. Docufide’s proposal indicated that they could meet all those criteria.”


Mike went on to state that “using conservative figures, the University estimates that the combined savings among the school districts and the University for sending and receiving transcripts will be in the neighborhood of $40,000 in the first year alone. Sending and receiving transcripts electronically will also result in improved efficiency and better service to our shared student population.”


“The University’s hope is that within this initial 3-year pilot, the E-Transcript project can be expanded to more school districts in the state. We look forward to the day when all transcripts can be received and processed electronically.” 


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