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Enhancements for K12 Student Accounts

Two recent enhancements are going to make it a lot easier for high school students to access and manage their Parchment accounts.

Add an Email Address

First, students can add another email address to their account and designate which one is their primary address. This will make it easier for students who might have registered with their school (.edu) email address to continue to sign in after they have graduated. Before students graduate encourage them to add their personal address so they can continue to access their Parchment account.
It’s easy to add an address:

  • Go to Profile
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Add an email address
  • Verify the email address
  • Designate your primary address

Merge Accounts

If a student has more than one Parchment account, they can now merge them together and manage their transcripts in one place. This is a handy feature for students who may have transferred schools, or who created an account with different email addresses. Now, merge them together!

Merge accounts in the Profile:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Add an email address
  • You should get a message that there is another account associated with this email address
  • Click Yes
  • Click Confirm
  • Now the accounts are merged!

To learn more about these features visit the Help Center (tip: if you don’t log in to the help center, you’re seeing articles for students.)