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Our Redesigned Website

We’re so excited about our newly designed website for one reason. Well, for a lot of reasons, actually, but seriously excited about one reason in particular.

Students and alumni can begin ordering their academic credentials from the very first page. Our new interactive school search lets students find the school that has their credential and get directed to the school’s customized ordering portal. This cuts down on mistakes in picking the right school, and the frustration of going through the registration process only to learn that your school isn’t a Parchment member yet.  This is a big improvement for thousands of students, and plenty for us to be excited about.

But we also wanted to improve a few more key areas, you know, while we were at it.

Any Device

A responsive design means that you can start ordering from any device (tablet, phone, laptop) at any time.

Upcoming Events

Going to a conference, or interested in when the next webinar will be? Now it’s much easier to find out what’s coming with the new Events Center. Search by title, select a date range, or browse through categories of future or past events.

Find Information

Learn more about Parchment products or news in our News Center. Subscribe to the blog, read newsletters, or check out the product updates.

Get Help

Log in to the Help Center for help information tailored to your subscription. You can also see the Help articles available for students, so you have a good idea of the support they are receiving from our support team.

We hope you like the new website. Please let us know at feedback@parchment.com if you have any questions or comments!