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Postsecondary Registrars: Quarterly Update

Q3 is bringing some helpful improvements for Parchment Senders, particularly when making sure printed credentials make their way to their destination.

To learn more about these features, contact your account executive!


When students order they indicate the reason they’ve requested their transcript. Now that information is available as a standard report in your Reporting tab.


Automatically verify addresses for your learners and the destinations they want as they type the address into the order form. Addresses are dynamically veri ed with the standard USPS database and a con rmation is provided.


When students provide an attachment as part of their order that needs to be printed and sent with their transcript Parchment will be able to print and mail them together. Up to seven (7) pages of student attachments will be printed and included in the same envelope as the credential.


Printed documents sent from Parchment’s secure print facility will include USPS or FedEx tracking information. e tracking information will be updated in both the administrator’s order history and the student’s tracking details.

Download an easy to read summary of our recent and upcoming enhancements.

If your institution uses Parchment 7, download that guide here.