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Parchment Receive: Quarterly Update

Parchment is consistently enhancing our products, and Parchment Receive is no exception. Over the past months we’ve made a lot of updates to improve the download speeds for our basic and premium members. Below is a simple listing of some of the most important product updates we’ve released through Q3, 2016:

Administrator Ordering for Everyone:

Ordering on behalf of applicants is now available for basic and premium receivers. Basic receivers can place single requests and pay any charges using a credit card. Premium receivers can upload a spreadsheet of applicants and pay via their subscription. Learn more about how Ordering works in the User Guide.

Sort by Sender:

Improve your exception processing by sorting by the sending institution. Routing specific institutions to a destination can help you isolate those senders who might need more attention.

View learner information:

From the Inbox and the Library you can view learner information by clicking on their name. In the pop up box you will see First/Last Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Mailing address. The email address is clickable to make contacting them very simple.

Attachment & Supplemental Documents:

Back by popular demand: See which letters of recommendations are from teachers and which are from counselors. A new setting lets you determine if you would like to receive attachments at all. Go to Settings -> Inbox -> Delivery to enable or disable sender attachments.

Improved search:

All credentials are available as filter options. Filters are no longer automatically applied, which could disrupt your ability to build the filter set you want. Instead, set your filters and click “Apply” to apply all filters at once.

International Credentials with CHESICC:

Premium receivers will receive credentials from CHESICC directly into their Inbox. Sort by Sender to easily identify and work with these verified Chinese credentials.

K12 Affiliate Network:

Parchment is partnering with many K12 counseling and guidance organizations to allow transcript ordering directly from their websites. This will increase the amount of documents coming to you electronically.


On the Roadmap:

Coming up over the next few months, here’s what we have on our road map:

Improved Sender look up tool:

Get more information about the senders you are ordering transcripts from: the year they have electronic records and average response time.  An API will also become available later in 2016.

Multi-Credential Ordering:

High schools using Parchment are starting to use new functionality that will allow their students to order any kind of credential electronically. Those documents will also come to you electronically. You can track them with individual Document ID’s and route, filter, and work with them independently.   

Receiver Affiliate Expansion:

Parchment is partnering with several college application tool organizations to allow them to order transcripts while in the application process. This will help increase the amount of complete applications arriving for review.

Download an easy to read summary of our recent and upcoming enhancements.