Selecting an eTranscript Provider

Selecting an eTranscript Provider


Electronic Transcript (eTranscript) Exchange goes far beyond allowing students and alumni to order transcripts online.

The right partner allows you to outsource as much of your transcript processing as you’d like. Features such as:

  • Online ordering
  • Setting custom eCommerce prices
  • Sending secure PDF transcripts
  • Maintaining your institutional brand
  • Transmitting PESC-XML certified data
  • Printing and mailing paper transcripts

This new guide will help you find the right questions to ask.

Download the guide here.

To use this guide, set the weight for each question according to how important it is to you. Then as you research apply a 1-5 score. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the rank of each vendor.

We hope this guide will help you in selecting the perfect partner for you!

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