When an Exchange is More Than the Movement of Data

When an Exchange is More Than the Movement of Data

Recently I wrote about how the Docufide and Avow names came to be as those names are now being retired, merged as the Parchment Exchange.  The Parchment Exchange is more than a new name, but a new concept.

While there have been a number of eTranscript services, solutions and networks, we call this an “exchange” as this is what it truly is. The Parchment Exchange is more than a technology solution that saves schools time and money through touch-free automation that makes transcript exchange more efficient, it is a true exchange made up of a community of authenticated senders and receivers.

This is an exchange that is about more than a complete outsourced solution that securely and efficiently moves documents between parties, but a series of sophisticated technologies that enables powerful applications that help Members of the Parchment Exchange learn more about their institution, their peer institutions, their students, and prospective students looking to be discovered by colleges they are well-matched to.

This launch is about more than a new name, as the Parchment Exchange introduces new functionality to our Members that both bring together the best of the former Avow and Docufide platforms, as well as introduce new features developed by our products team and fueled by a $6 million dollar annual commitment to R&D.

With many enhancements and new features to choose from, I will focus on five highlights of this release:

  1. A modernized user interface that balances great design and simplicity.
  2. Integrating our registered receiver network of 1,500+ colleges and universities across our sender network
  3. A new ‘to-do list’ making the review and approval of transcript requests even faster and more efficient for the thousands of schools and colleges that rely on the Parchment Exchange for their transcript processing.
  4. Enhanced print operations that both extend the availability of our secure print processing across our sender network and enhance our offering to allow for transcripts printed for our higher education members to adopt the look and feel of their existing transcript or be printed to their own transcript paper.
  5. The unified inbox, which extends our Receive offering to enable member institutions to aggregate the receipt of transcripts from our 7,400+ members along with institutions sending standards-based transcript data over the Texas “SPEEDE” Server, and those that originate with the eTranscript California network – with more networks being added.

With two more releases planned for 2013 there is much more to come from the Parchment Exchange as we work to transform how we request, process, and benefit from the credentials we work so hard to earn.

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