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About Me:

I am continuously working whether I am at my job or working on my schoolwork. I am strong willed, which explains why i am very persistent with my studies. I prioritize my education and work over social events, but I am still a friendly and reliable person, as well as a very outgoing individual. however I never lose focus of what's important and i will go to great extents if i must in order to meet expectations or accomplish something im a given period of time. I take my work ethics seriously, but I keep my options flexible and look at things with an open mind. My personality isn't so bland and serious. I find much interest in things that involve creativity and gaining knowledge. I love spending free time with friends and family and in my leisure time, i enjoy doing artsy things such as playing music, drawing, and creating. Now that i'll be transitioning from high school work to collage, its time to choose some of my own things to learn about. Overtime, I found interest in the forensics, biological, neurological, psychology, chemical, and medical aspects; Most of which involve my strongest subject, math.

Personal Info
  • Female
  • 2017
  • Other
  • AZ
Academic Background
  • Class Not Ranked
  • 3.20
  • 3.3
  • 0
  • 0
  • 500
  • 480
  • 980
  • 456

Extracurricular Activities

Program Role Time Commitment Participation Timeline
Hrs/Wk Wks/Yr Total 9 10 11 12 Post
Dance I and II Member one class every week 0
French I,II, and III Member one class every week 0


Program Time Commitment Participation Timeline
Hrs/Wk Wks/Yr Total 9 10 11 12 Post
Food industry 15-25

College List


School Status Admission Prediction
Data-Driven Prediction: Peers
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
Accepted and attending
97% accurate
(Based on 3644 results)

Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ
97.6% accurate
(Based on 2350 results)

Colorado State University - Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO
95.4% accurate
(Based on 589 results)


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