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Personal Info
  • Female
  • 2010
  • Other
  • GA
Academic Background
  • Top 1%
  • 3.94
  • 3.94
  • 190
  • 570
  • 710
  • 1280
  • 750
SAT II Subject Tests
  • Pending
  • Pending
  • Pending
AP Subject Tests
  • 3
  • Pending
  • Pending
  • 4
  • Pending
  • 4
  • 4
  • Pending

Extracurricular Activities

Program Role Time Commitment Participation Timeline
Hrs/Wk Wks/Yr Total 9 10 11 12 Post
Marching/Concert Band Vice President, Section Editor, or equivalent)
Youth Group Member
4-H Member
Girl Scouts Member
Beta Club Member
DECA Member
National Honor Society Member
Homeless Shelter Voulenteering Member
Student Council Member
Stock Market Club Vice President, Section Editor, or equivalent)
Youth Republican Party Member
Nat'l Honor Society Member

College List


School Status Admission Prediction
Data-Driven Prediction: Peers
American University
Washington, DC
81.7% accurate
(Based on 1065 results)

George Washington University
Washington, DC
69.8% accurate
(Based on 1096 results)

Georgetown University
Washington, DC
70.7% accurate
(Based on 1514 results)


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