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Commencement is a momentous occasion for your students. It is a time to reflect, a time to celebrate, a time where the world opens up. Your student diploma experience should match the magnitude of the occasion and Parchment can help!

Diplomas That Are Zero Cost
to Your Institution

Digital And Print Diplomas You Can Rely On

With one single platform to manage both print and digital diplomas, you save time managing all of your diploma processes. Parchment Diploma Services offers a modern web application for diploma management, making issuing print and digital diplomas simple and easy.


Manage Digital and
Print in One Place

With one comprehensive solution for digital and print diplomas, you have a single place to manage all of your diploma related tasks in Parchment’s simple, easy-to-use web application.

Offer Immediate
Access to Diplomas

With immediate access to a digital version of their diploma, your students can celebrate their achievements over social media with their larger network.

Fast, Reliable Delivery
of Print Diplomas

With the ability to match or further customize your current printed diplomas, you can meet or exceed your current standards for high quality diplomas and quick, reliable turnaround times.

Show The Unique
Value of Each Degree

Through our partnership with Credential Engine, you can better share what graduates have learned from their degree with program-level data linked from their digital diploma.

The largest and most trusted
credential exchange network is talking


Join over 13,000 education institutions
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Want to make your diploma issuing easier and improve your student experience? Parchment Award Diploma Services was built to bring your diploma game into the future.

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The Most Comprehensive Platform
you will ever need

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One Solution For Everything

Parchment helps learners collect and manage all of the credentials they earn in their life in one place. Their credential profile is a single stop to order (and re-order!) official credentials, track their order status, and share on social media. That’s why Parchment Award Diploma Services was built, to offer one solution to bring your diploma game into the future.

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Touch Free Diploma Reprints

Do you constantly have students contacting you to request copies of lost paper records? These requests can easily clog registrar office and admin services at schools, colleges and universities. With Parchment Award Diploma Service there is a way for your students to directly request a reprint from Parchment if any damage occurred during shipping. Offering a great customer service experience without a student ever contacting you!

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Integrated Social Sharing

Are your students looking for more ways to standout when applying for jobs? Are there times that family and friends can’t be at commencement? With Parchment Award  Diploma Services learners can share their achievement on social media and online with a single click of a button. Helping them celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family, along with being able to showcase their skills to prospective employers, all while bringing additional brand visibility to your institution. 

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Where Print Meets Digital

Worried about your diploma design? With Parchment Award Diploma Service you can customize your print diploma to match or even enhance your current design. And the digital diploma? You’ll think you’re seeing double. It mirrors the printed design perfectly. Provide your students the diploma they’ve earned, in the format they want and increase your brand visibility.

Security Standards
and Student Privacy

As a trusted intermediate for our Members and Learners, the security of credentials and learner data is paramount. From creating a culture of security awareness, to embedding industry leading controls and policies at every point in the Parchment ecosystem.

  • SOC2 type II compliance certificate 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance certificate 
  • FERPA compliant policies in all our products 
  • Dedicated internal security team
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Like Diploma Services? You'll Love Transcript Services...

Don’t deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Parchment Award Transcript Services is to transcripts, what Parchment Award Diploma Services is to diplomas. Package deal? We think so.


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