The Parchment Summit was introduced in 2016 and returns in 2020 to foster collaboration between technologists, practitioners, leaders in higher education and K12, and employers that believe in the power of the intersection of technology and academic credentials.

Now more than ever there is heightened attention from inside and outside educational circles as to how the academy is preparing learners for life and the workforce. Questions about the meaning and value of credentials have become especially prominent.

Attend the Summit to join the discussion on the ecosystem of credentials, including innovation potential—and, not least, the learners whose futures are profoundly affected by these credential innovations.

Sample Session Topics:

  • The Degree Signal: Communicating to Employers What Undergraduates Have Learned
  • Credential Innovation in Action: Comprehensive Learner Record Projects
  • Degree Payoff: The Role of Academic Major and Institution in Hiring Decisions
  • K12 to Higher Education Admissions and Test Optional
  • Higher Education – Credit Transfer, Innovation, Lifelong Learning
  • The New Language of Credentials: Unbundling andStacking
  • The Credential Ecosystem: Making Sense of Badges, Certificates, and Micro-credentials
  • Blockchain Technology and the Future Impact on Credential Management
  • Machine-Readable Data: The What and the Why
  • Digital Diplomas and Verifications in K12
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