Every K12 Member is automatically enrolled in Parchment’s Member Status Program. There are 4 Tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) based on how well your school is utilizing the system.

Your school will be rewarded each time a new Tier is reached. You will also be entered into our year end drawings for awesome prizes! You can check your Status Page at any time for an in depth look at how your school compares to others in your state. And for helpful tips to climb to that next reward.

Read through all of our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Program FAQs

I don’t see the Status Program tab in the Help Center – Help!

This will only happen the first time you go to view your Status Page. If this is your first time navigating to our New Help Center, the Status Program tab will take about 30 seconds to appear. So if you land on the Help Center main page and don’t see it, just sit tight for about 30 seconds. Then refresh your browser window. It should be there! Right next to the Training tab. If it’s still not visible, please submit an inquiry below.

What are the Tier breakouts?

Bronze: 0-999 Reward Points, Silver: 1,000-3,999 Reward Points, Gold: 4,000-8,099 Reward Points, Platinum: 8,100+ Reward Points. Learn how Reward Points are calculated below.

Will I receive rewards for past Tiers?

At launch, whatever Tier your school is at will be your starting point. For example: If your school is Gold, you would not receive rewards for past & current Tiers (in this example, Silver & Gold). You would be rewarded when you reach Platinum.

What prizes do I qualify to receive based on my Tier?

Outside of our $5 gift card rewards for climbing up Tiers, you will be entered into year end drawings for the following prizes: Silver Members are eligible to win an Apple TV. Gold Members are eligible to win an iPad Air. Platinum Members are eligible to win either an Apple MacBook Air or 1 of 2 $5,000 student scholarships.

What is the Program timeframe?

The Member Status Program ends on May 31st each year. The Tier that your school has on that day is the Tier we use to determine year end drawing entries.

When will I know if I’ve won the year end drawing?

Winners will be notified within 2 business days of the Program close. *Prizes will be distributed within 1 week of making contact with the winner.

*This excludes both $5,000 scholarships.

How are the student scholarships handled?

*Scholarships will be applicable to seniors graduating the following school year. For example: If your school wins a student scholarship within the ‘17-’18 school year, you would award it to a senior that graduates with the class of ‘19. The school will determine how the scholarship will be awarded (essay-based, income eligibility, etc.). Parchment will pay the Higher Ed institution the student is accepted to directly.

*Scholarships will not be awarded for the ‘16-’17 (current) school year. The Program launched toward the end of the school year and we want to provide every school a full year to move up to Platinum status to be eligible to win this for one of their students.

Statistic FAQs

My stats don’t seem to be changing…

Your statistics are updated on the 1st of every month. So if you check multiple times within the same month, they will be the same.

Our Seniors are registered, why doesn’t it show 100% registration?

The percentage is based on your total student count. One way to increase that percentage is to get your students familiar with and registered on Parchment before they’re seniors!

Why is our average Delivery Time so high?

The average Delivery Times do account for holds. So if you have “Hold For Grades” orders, this is likely why it appears higher and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

How do you calculate Reward Points?

Reward Points are calculated by multiplying your Utilization by 10,000.

How do you calculate Utilization?

Utilization is calculated by your last 12 month order volume divided by your total number of students (grades 9-12).

How do you calculate our Time & Money Savings?

Time Savings is based on an average of 10 minute savings per eTranscript over manual processing. Money Savings is based on an average of $2.50 cost per paper transcript.

I think the stats on my Status Page are incorrect or blank…

If you believe any of your stats are incorrect or they aren’t populating, please submit an inquiry below and we’ll take a look asap!

Gift Card & Tango FAQs

What is a Tango gift card?

We have partnered with Tango, a gift card reward company, that automatically emails you a universal Tango card which can be redeemed at over 70 retail locations or donated to 15+ organizations. Check here for more details.

Where is my gift card coming from?

The gift card will be emailed from noreply@tangocard.com & the subject line will read: Your Parchment Reward Is Here (be sure to check your spam!). The email also has instructions on how to redeem your gift card.

How much is my gift card for?

Your gift card will be redeemable or donatable for the amount of $5.

I’m having trouble redeeming my gift card…

Tango provides gift card assistance. Please contact customer service at 1-877-55-TANGO (82646) or cs@tangocard.com with any questions or concerns about redeeming your card.

Will we receive gift cards if we drop Tiers and climb back up?

You will only receive gift cards when you reach Tiers higher than your starting Tier. For example: Upon program launch, if your school is Gold, you will not receive a gift card if you drop down to Silver and climb back up to Gold. You would receive a gift card when you reach Platinum.

Where is my gift card? We moved up Tiers…

1 gift card is awarded per school, per Tier, to the last Admin that logged into their Parchment account before the school moved up Tiers. It’s possible that your peer may have received your school’s gift card. If you still feel that your school should have received a gift card and did not, please submit an inquiry below.

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