What is happening?

Parchment is working to upgrade all of our Members to the new transcript services platform in 2021. With that upgrade we will be moving to a set of more streamlined, consistent policies and practices designed to empower and enable our support team and our Member administrators to more quickly respond to support requests from students and alumni. 


What is driving these changes?

Now more than ever, students see themselves as consumers first. This means that when the process of obtaining a credential does not go as expected, students have an expectation that Parchment and / or their school can quickly and simply “make things right.” By having clear, actionable policies that empower our teams we can avoid delays and escalations, and help students turn their credentials into opportunities.  


What are the new policies, in a nutshell?

Parchment support representatives and school personnel will have the agency and ability to quickly resolve issues that may occur in delivering transcripts. This will include the ability to:

  • Resend transcripts (to the same destination) that did not arrive as expected
  • Credit a student’s account to enable a new order to be placed in the event a destination was entered incorrectly
  • Refund and / or cancel transcript orders that cannot be fulfilled 


What are the changes to existing practices?

A transcript will no longer be eligible for a “resend” if the destination needs to be changed in any way from the original order. In the event that a destination, whether electronic or physical, was entered incorrectly on the original order, a new order will be required. The Parchment support representative and school personnel will have the discretion to issue a credit in such instances. 

Parchment will no longer be able to take orders by phone. This may have been a service your school utilized in the past, but it was effectively discontinued in 2020 when all of our agents began working remotely. 


When do these policies go into effect?

As your school is upgraded from its existing transcript platform to the Parchment Award transcript services platform, you can expect these policies to go into effect. 


What if I have  more questions?

We’re here to help! Please contact the Parchment Support team by email (membersupport@parchment.com) or give us a call at 888-662-0874*

*this phone number is reserved for our Member school administrators only and should not be provided to students or alumni


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