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The leading credential issuing platform for higher education.

A student’s potential doesn’t fit on a piece of paper, but a credential can tell their story. Parchment helps Higher Ed better support communicating their students’ achievements – from transcripts and diplomas to skills-based credentials, like digital badges and certificates.

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Take credentials from transactional to transformational with these key features.

It’s time to unlock more opportunities for your students. Parchment holds the key.

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Unified, university-wide

Whether you are issuing transcripts, diplomas, digital badges, certificates, verifications, or comprehensive learner records (CLRs), it’s all on one platform with pricing options that lets the platform pay for itself.

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Cut down on
admin time

Manage print and digital issuances from one place, then hold, release, or attach documents at any time. Integrate SIS automation workflows to best suit your institution.


Make students

Support your students with one lifelong learner account that lets them access, collect, manage, and share all their credentials from K-20 to their professional development.


The most innovative

Our credentials communicate more than the average credential. In addition to coursework and associated grades, learning outcomes can be embedded to reflect gained skills and competencies.

Esteemed by registrars and provosts worldwide.

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Purpose-built credential solutions for Issuers. 

icon spend less time on student records

Spend less time fulfilling records requests

  • Lifetime access with unlimited downloads
  • ~5-7 day print delivery time
  • Print tracking notifications via email or text
  • Store alongside other credentials in Parchment
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Secure your credentials with a secure platform

  • Up-to-date FERPA compliance
  • Secure Blue Ribbon PDFs
  • Encrypted student information
  • Automated exchange and verification
  • Third-party ordering
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Scale your platform as you grow

  • Pricing tailored to your institutional needs
  • Optional surcharge fee
  • SIS integrations for transcript processing
icon avoid admin overtime

The best of paper
and digital diplomas

  • Manage print and digital diplomas simultaneously
  • High quality paper, custom foil designs
  • Built-in student mailing address verification
  • Preview, hold, and release in clicks
  • Make amendments in real time
icon digital dynamic diplomas

Digital & dynamic platform

  • Immediate online access
  • One-click sharing to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Embedded course, skillset, and competencies context
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Digital verification seal
icon accessible forever transcripts diplomas

Fast, reliable

  • Print diplomas are shipped within 10-15 business days
  • Fast global delivery
  • Print tracking notifications via email or text
  • Store alongside other credentials in Parchment
  • Direct student support of diploma replacement for shipping damage at no cost
making achievements icon

Making achievements visible

  • Increase course completions and engagement with achievable milestones
  • Build your institution’s brand and influence through learner shares
  • Grow demand for your learning and certification programs
icon digital dynamic badging platform

Digital and dynamic platform

  • Immediate online access
  • One-click sharing to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Embedded course, skillset, and competencies context
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Digital verification seal
icon accessible forever badges

Accessible forever

  • Lifetime access with unlimited shares
  • Recognize skills your learners have, regardless of how they earned them
  • Help learners, employers, and institutions understand where to upskill and reskill to prepare for the future
icon digital dynamic certificates platform

Digital and dynamic platform

  • Fast and intuitive dashboard to manage all your certificates and learners in one place
  • Easily award certificates to learners in minutes
  • Complete history of all certificates created for learners
icon dig into transcript data

Powerful, searchable

  • Complete, searchable history of certificate issuances
  • Access a complete history of all learners who received a certificate in platform

Advanced admin experience 

  • Real-time certificate issuing
  • Real-time quality review
  • Email and text notifications
Learn More about managing student transcripts icon

Make learning beautiful

  • Stand out with the only visual credential tool available
  • Contextualize co-curricular, experiential, competency, and program data visually
  • Illustrate a cumulative rather than fragmented learning journey
  • Help learners get noticed by prospective employers
icon - CLR - Credential Learner Record - visually showcase-learning achievements

Visually showcase learning achievements

  • Designed to display your institution’s core learning outcomes
  • Help learners easily convey skills and knowledge
  • Enhance employability through transparency
  • Prioritize innovation in a fast-paced, ever-evolving market

Craft custom credential designs

  • Customize CLR templates according to your learning framework
  • Organize learning data in creative, meaningful ways
  • Design according to your institution’s branding
transcripts icon

Order management and tracking

  • Search for specific orders that need to be processed
  • Review, process and manage multiple requests at once from a single dashboard
  • Automated graduation verification letter creation through SIS connection
individual student transcript request management icon

Manage individual verification requests

  • Place orders on hold and communicate that hold to the learner
  • Send verifications via digital document upload
  • Reduce costs and generate revenue for your office

One partner, many
platform benefits

  • Access the orders of all your credential issuances in one place
  • Leverage one vendor platform to use fees from verifications to cover fulfilment of other credentials
  • Cover the issuing costs of transcripts, diplomas, digital badges, certificates, or CLRs
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School closure? We can help

  • Records digitization
  • File destruction
  • Alumni communications and file transfer
  • Dedicated Parchment Account Executive and Support Team
icon solution for credential fraud

Help reduce credential fraud

  • Reduce credential fraud by having the confidence that the credentials you’re receiving are authentic
  • Improve issuing of academic documents, to ensure that every learner gets the credential they earned
  • Integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing networks and platforms
student pathways door icon

A trusted academic credential management system for closed schools

  • Standardizing how digitized data files are provided
  • Naming conventions for records of multiple types
  • Practices that can be implemented prior to closure to digitize records
paper and digital student transcripts icon

Mail us your records, we’ll make them digital

  • Turn any physical document into a scannable PDF
  • Store every type of credential in one platform
  • Keep documents accessible forever with unlimited digital storage
  • Protect student information with end-to-end encryption
icon free your teams from paper

Free your teams from paper processing

  • Reduce time spent typing, sifting, and searching through files
  • Extract scannable, searchable data in seconds
  • Pull documents by query or data point
  • Automatically route records to current students or alumni
paper to digital records management platform icon

Paper records? Let’s get digital

  • Protect your legacy with digital records that last forever
  • Digitize your records and use your open space more strategically
  • Protect your records from any kind of disaster
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$0 cost to the institution solution

Towson was looking for a modern student credentialing experience that wouldn’t break the bank. Parchment’s all-in-one platform for transcripts and diplomas has helped Towson eliminate manual processes, offer an online storefront, and even made it possible for their it transcripts to cover the cost of their diplomas.

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Case Studies

Explore how higher education institutions revolutionize their student credentialing experience with Parchment.

What members are saying…

“Before Parchment, we were printing and mailing all transcripts and diplomas in-house. Neither our printers nor staff could keep up. Students had to come to campus if they had a special request. Having transcripts and diplomas automatically sent has been revolutionary. It frees my staff up to do things they need to do.”

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Samantha Cooley

Records Coordinator, Aims Community College

“With Digital Diplomas, we are confident that our graduates’ credentials have visibility versus paper diplomas that may end up on a wall or in a box in the basement.”


Heather Sharbaugh

Director of Academic Records, Career Education Corporation

Help your students reach their full credential.  We’ll show you how.

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