Unlock the Power of Simplified Record Management

Student and Alumni Requests in One Place

Centralize requests for transcripts, letters of recommendation, graduation verifications, and student transfer files

Better Student Service
For Today and Tomorrow

Remove barriers for your learners with a painless ordering process and a credential profile that stores their lifelong digital credentials.

Save Time With School
and District Workflows

Bring your district together through an automated system that routes to a school or the district office based on the requester.

Revenue Generation with Surcharge

Surcharge 3rd party requesters (alumni, employment verification companies) to generate revenue for your school.

Parchment Award K-12
for K-12 Districts and Schools

Used by 96% of US higher education colleges and universities, Parchment Award K-12 is a unified student and alumni records management platform, on the largest and most trusted credential exchange network. We help school districts simply & securely manage, send, request, transfer, and report on transcripts and records.

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Parchment Award K-12
Makes Sending Transcripts Easy

It’s time to switch to digital transcript processing. Your students and alumni will get online access to easily place requests for their transcripts at no cost, meaning one less thing for them to worry about. 

Staff at the school and/or district office will be able to efficiently process these requests online through our easy-to-use platform. And our university partners in admissions will seamlessly and securely receive incoming final transcripts online.

Learn how you can send transcripts with Parchment’s Award K-12 by watching the video.

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Save hours processing transcript requests, provide visibility
of receipt to your students, and breathe easy all year long.

With Parchment, you don’t just get a partner, you get:

The Most Comprehensive, Flexible Solution

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The Largest & Most Trusted Secure Credential Exchange Network

An Unrivaled Student Experience

“It was a no brainer. It was quick to set up and it was very simple to use. The help desk was great. It has cut my transcript processing time by more than half.”



Watch Lisa Muela, Registrar from Pembroke Pines Charter High School and Tracie Lock, Lead Counselor from San Juan Unified School District share their experience rolling out the Parchment platform.

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Save hours processing transcript requests, provide visibility
of receipt to your students, and breathe easy all year long.